Why we do Fireworks on New Years Eve 2023?

The practice of organizing celebrations and processions to celebrate the beginning of a new year may be traced back at least four thousand years. On the Gregorian calendar, the celebration of the New Year traditionally begins in the evening of December 31 (New Year’s Eve) and continues through the early hours of January 1 (New Year’s Day). However, in modern times, this time frame has been shifted to begin on New Year’s Eve and continue through the early hours of New Year’s Day. Celebrations with friends and family, the consumption of traditional New Year’s meals, the development of resolutions for the next year, and the witnessing of fireworks displays are among widespread traditions that usher in the new year. Others include setting goals for the coming year.

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New Year’s Eve is incomplete without fireworks:

The stroke of midnight on December 31 ushers in the New Year with a boom and a stunning fireworks display in many parts of the world. When the clock strikes midnight, the sky is illuminated by the brilliant fireworks. Due to the city’s location on the equator, New Year’s Eve celebrations in Sydney, Australia, have become some of the earliest to be held anywhere in the world in recent years. Because of the fireworks, everyone is in a good mood and able to take in more of the special occasion.

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It is unknown exactly how fireworks were first created, but most experts agree that they originated in China more than 2,000 years ago. This is despite the fact that we do not know exactly how fireworks were first created. People in China started using green bamboo in religious ceremonies, and as a part of those ceremonies, they would throw bits of bamboo into a fire. They were taken aback as the bamboo caught fire and erupted with a deafening noise. This was not something that they had anticipated. 

They held the belief that the sound might frighten away evil spirits, and because of this, they used them on a variety of joyous occasions to protect themselves from harm. Consequently, the concept of the contemporary fireworks display was conceived. Years later, when gunpowder was introduced, it quickly supplanted the centuries-old method of using bamboo because it produced a brighter light and louder sounds. Both the coming of the new year and the driving away of any lingering spirits are signaled by the detonation of firecrackers.  

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When people in some areas leave their homes on New Year’s Day, the very first thing they do is let off a barrage of firecrackers. This tradition is common in some towns. It is a harbinger of sustained success throughout the course of the year.

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As a last note, I’d like to mention that setting off fireworks is a common practice while commemorating a happy occasion and that doing so is said to drive away bad luck and make the New Year off to a prosperous start.

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