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Who else in this world doesn’t like to send wishes to your loved ones. If I talk about myself, I send it to my all family and friends despite who is so close to me or not. Sexy new year wishes are super exciting to send to your loved ones, and make your new year remember-able.

Boy, lock lips with me on New Year’s Eve and let’s start the year with some ooh, la, la!

You are the one who makes my heart fly higher than fireworks in the New Year’s sky

In 2023, may the romance be plenty. Happy New Year’s to the hottest guy I know.

Hey, I can’t wait to moisten my lips with champagne and plant one on you as the ball drops and a new year of our love begins.

I can’t wait to feel your manly arms around me as you come in for a lingering kiss to welcome the new year.

Hug me tight and kiss me long, Fill my girlish heart with a new year’s song.

You’re the man who makes me weak in the knees, Kiss me long into the new year, please

When the clock strikes midnight, I’ll be your Cinderella, but I promise not to run away. You can kiss me into the new year.

Hi guy, don’t be shy! Let’s kiss the old year goodbye!

This New Year’s Eve, let’s make our own fireworks, boy!

I want to whisper, “Happy New Year” into your sensual upturned ear. And who knows what will happen after that, precious angel?

I promise you on New Year night, I make you lose it and hear you moan every night

Baby! there is no better feeling in world for me I get so horny on New Year’s Eve

As the clock strikes 12 tonight, I want to kiss you harder than ever before, so I have a perfect ending & Definitely a perfect beginning of the year. HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Hey, If I get drunk tonight do you promise to take advantage of me?

Boy, let’s sparkle and shine, sip some wine, and begin the new year with lips entwined

Let’s kiss until 20.. is gone and welcome 20.. with open arms, my beautiful girl

My eyes can’t wait to take in your beauty tonight, and my lips are ready to kiss you into the new year

You’re flamboyant and flashy, sexy and sassy, and I want to spend New Year’s Eve letting you know what a wonderful man you are.

You’re sexy and smart, a man who’s all heart, I can’t wait to kiss you all night and I just can’t wait for our new year to be bright.

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