How To Wish A Happy New Year To Your Boyfriend 2023 | 7 Ways

New year is the biggest event all around the world and it needs to be celebrated with the person who you love the most. People make crazy plans for the new year; some of you might plan to go out at time square and watch fireworks, and some of you would go to another country to spend some quality time with your loved ones. 

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Despite how you celebrate it, the first and the foremost thing is how you wish a happy new year. If you are struggling, and don’t know how to wish in a unique way then this post is all about you. 

Don’t miss the 7th one because it is one of the craziest wishes for a happy new year.

7 Ways to wish a happy new year to your boyfriend

1. Send your boyfriend a cute text message

Wishing your boyfriend a happy new year is one of the best ways, and it is one of the most lovable things to do. If you want to be unique then you could wish him at the end of the day:

Here are some messages you could use it for your boyfriend.

Everyone tries to be the first person to wish a happy new year, but we are unique in every way. So bear it with me. I might not be the first to wish you, but I am sure that I am the last to wish you a happy new year with lots of hugs and kisses”

“Baby, it’s the new beginning of the new year. So we should forget what mistakes we had made in the past, and we need to start a fresh start. I love you. “

2. Send your boyfriend a cute picture

Pictures are a great mood changer, and most of the time boys like to see their loved ones when they really miss them. So it’s better you could send him a cute picture in his favorite dress, in his favorite hair band, in his favorite hairstyle.

3. Send your boyfriend a gift

Do you like gifts that lift your mood up? Because it is still at the top of the  list where people give gifts on several occasions just to show how they care about him, and it also comes in a good manner. So it’s a nice idea to give him a gift that he life the most just like give him a watch that he likes, a cap that he likes, and many other things. 

4. Go to beach and watch fireworks

Spending time alone is so under-rated in 2021. As each year passes by and the increase in technology. The world is getting busier day by day; people rarely spend time along with their loved ones. Most of the time people spend their time on social media and other platforms.

So it’s a nice idea to plan a date at the beach with him, and enjoy the lovely dinner with fireworks in the background. You could talk about your future goals, and future marriage.

5. Give your boyfriend a warm hug

Hugging each other releases dopamine, and it is related to happiness. On the occasion of new year you could arrange a candle light dinner, and give him a warm hug about how you care about him. 

6. Wish your boyfriend through Email

Wishing through messages or any other social media app is so mainstream. To keep things away from normal you could craft your pictures with him, or add any graphics, and send him an email. This could be a game changer, and you would be different from others. 

7. Surprise your boyfriend with his favorite gift

Who doesn’t like surprises that you never imagined or thought? I guess none. 

Yes you read it right. None. The last time I got a surprise was on my birthday where my girlfriend surprised me with my favorite watch, and it made me really happy how she cared about me. 

There are many ways to surprise your boyfriend, and I am sure you must have given any surprise in your life. I would recommend you to do any things that he never expects from you.

Happy New Year Wishes you can give to your boyfriend

  1. Happy New Year my love (Name), I wish you a very happy new year.
  2. May this new year bring happiness in your life, and you get what you had never prayed for. 
  3. Goodbye to 2021, and Hello to 2023. Happy new year
  4. Wishing you beautiful moments, treasured memories, and all the memories the heart can know. Happy New Year
  5. This year will be your to shine, Happy new year.
  6. I can’t believe I have this pretty life with you. Cheers to another year of growing, loving and caring. Happy new year
  7. It’s very hard to believe that the 2021 year has passed so quickly! We have spent it together. May this new year bring happiness and prosperity in your life.

Romantic Happy new year wishes to your boyfriend

  1. I just can’t wait to make my new year’s resolution because the resolution we made last year had come true. Happy New Year
  2. I didn’t mean to interrupt your scrolling, I just wanted to wish you a very happy new year to the bottom of my heart. May this new year give you what you have ever prayed, or thought about.
  3. This new year I promise you to be with you to the end of my life and whenever you feel sad, overwhelmed, and depressed I am just a call away. You will find me protecting you from evil eyes. Anyway, Happy new year my love. I love you
  4. We have made it to another year, and I love you so much to the bottom of my heart. This new year is so much special to me because of you. Happy new year.

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