Celebrations in Great America on New Year’s Eve 2024

Great America is California’s only park containing amusement rides, and South Bay Shores Water Park too. It is the most desired destination spot for families and thrill hunters in all of California. Great America has over 60 amusement rides, which include; roller coasters, swings, cable carts, drop towers, go-karting, sky flyers, and many more. The water park includes a great pool wave, water slides, and a lazy pool for kids. The park also treats its visitors with tempting dine-in restaurants and live musical concerts giving its visitors a reason to come again.

Fireworks on New Years Eve 2023?

Great America plans some special events for this New Year’s Eve celebration to enter 2023 with a blast. Here we are going to discuss some of those events with you.

·        Live Musical Band and DJ

The park organizes a live musical performance for its visitors in front of Theater Royal. Artists/bands from all around California come to perform at this event bringing new cultural music. A famous DJ performs EDM for their guests at South Bay Shores Water Park. For all music lovers, this is a cherry on top for them. Where else to go and enjoy their New Year’s Eve than here?

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·        Amusement Rides

The park has to offer amazing rides for all the thrill seekers, including the terrifying tower drop and the sky flyer, which will make you scream at the top of your voice.

·        Dine in restaurants

The park also arranges food and drinks at the Celebration Plaza. Here you can find snacks and the chef’s chosen menu containing tempting food dishes. Along with it, there is always an arrangement of martini on rocks and other beverages.

·        Ice skating

The highlight of the evening is always the ice skating arena. The arena is big enough to hold a massive crowd at one time. Children and adults love to come and enjoy the beautiful lighting around the arena and ice skating under the sparkling open sky.   

Ringing’ Or ‘Bringing In The New Year

·        Fireworks

There is no end to the unlimited fun on New Year’s Eve without the lightning fireworks. The park arranges grand and massive fireworks show at Orleans Place after the New Year’s ultimate countdown on the West Coast. The amazing lightning show will keep your eyes amazed at it. The party keeps on going and ends perfectly at midnight.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.      The Great American Fireworks Show lasts for how long?

The fireworks at Great America last a maximum of 15 minutes.

2.      What is the best thing to do in Great America for New Year’s Eve?

The best thing to do on New Year’s Eve 2023 is to attend the live musical DJ concert at Great America.

3.      What is the best state to spend New Year 2023?

The best state to spend New Year’s Eve 2023 is; California at Great America.

4.      What are the hallmarks of Great America?

The hallmark of Great America includes; Top Gun, a 102-foot-tall suspended roller coaster and the park’s first movie-themed attraction.

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