About Us

Together, we can spread happiness among our folks.

About HappyNewYearFolks

HappyNewYearFolks has been on a mission to spread happiness around the globe if it means as little as wishing a happy new year message to your family, your girlfriend, or a small hand made invitation card to your loved ones.

During the past years, a lot happened; Russia and Ukraine War, Covid-19 happened, several earthquakes and much more. Several people lost their loved ones, and several people lost their lives due to these political mishaps. After being depressed for a past couple of months. I started happynewyearfolks to spread happiness to the people. 


HappyNewYearFolks Missions

It’s would be a great pleasure, and I am saying with all my heart if this platform provides happiness, and bring smiles to one person I would believe I have accomplished my mission which is to spread happiness and live peacefully in the world. 

How Can You Be A Part Of HappyNewYearFolks Team?

We, happynewyearfolks team, have been working tirelessly day and night to provide traveling experiences to other younger generation, and helping others out in everything what we are good at. I believe our generation has been so obsessed with the media and trying to judge themselves on the number of likes and shares what they get on social media. 

There’s a whole world waiting for you to enjoy and spread happiness. Peace out. If you want to be a part of the team, please contact us, or join our discord group.