7 Things to do in San Diego on Christmas Day 2023

Christmas is a beautiful event but it becomes even more beautiful when spent in San Diego. Even the worst people show their true selves during this time of the year. There are numerous San Diego Christmas events to keep you occupied during the holiday season. So, get yourself ready for these seven fun things to do to make your Christmas memorable. 

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  1. Enjoy the Annual San Diego Lights Parade

To get a good view of San Diego’s annual boat parade, visit Harbor Island, Coronado’s Ferry Landing, the Embarcadero, Seaport Village, or the famous Shelter Island. Over 100 private boats are there to enchant and twinkle while cruising around the San Diego Bay. It is believed to be one of the most popular holiday rituals among both; tourists and locals.

  1. Visit Holiday Market at Petco Park

The mystical downtown Holiday Market is San Diego’s one of the closest things to a European-style Christmas Market. Petco Park, Gallagher Square has a lot to offer to the visitors, such as; booths selling Christmas decors, souvenirs, and knick-knacks, eateries with the yummiest food in town, and plenty of photoshoots.

  1. Experience the Famous Chili Cook-off and Sono Fest

During Christmas, North and South Park hosts a festival honoring more than 30 local restaurants with a massive chili cook-off. You can wander there for free, but you must pay to participate in the culinary delights. Here you can eat a lot of chilies and drink wine all day while listening to your favorite music.

  1. Visit Annual Gaslamp Holiday Pet Parade

What could be a better approach to ring in the holidays than to see a slew of fluffy animals decked out and marching around the town? People in the beautiful Gaslamp District make handmade, cute vehicles and hovers every year to parade their pets in.

  1. Stop by the Jingle Bells 

The San Diego zoo hosts its annual Jungle Bells festival every year. So this is the best thing to do for the ones who enjoy zoos. It is decked out in lights and ornaments, and the atmosphere is festive. In addition to festive animal talks and feedings, a live performance of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas also takes place with complete music and dance.

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  1. Enjoy Ice Skating on the Beach

What more of the San Diego Christmas activity is exciting than ice skating? Visitors here can glide by the sea, and if they are willing to unwind and enjoy cocktails, they can book a lounge spot outside the arena and enjoy the fire. 

  1. Spend the Holidays at the Harbor

You need to put Dana Point Harbor on your bucket list if you want fun holidays. Christmas activities, Christmas light graphics, festive harbor cruises, and fun Santa activities for your kids will make your trip an unforgettable event for you and your entire family.

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San Diego, one of America’s most desirable destinations, is mild and sunny all year. People from all over the world come here to spend their Christmas to the fullest. We’ve mentioned seven of the best Christmas activities to do in San Diego in 2023. Put them on your bucket list, and Happy Christmas!

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